Enware Australia presents the Sequential Leva range of premium quality mixer taps for basins and showers featuring an ergonomic design for effortless activation. The Sequential Leva range is designed for the rigours of daily use as well as the unique needs of diverse user groups, especially in healthcare environments.

Single plane sequential movement in basin and surgeon mixers allows effortless activation by the user employing their hand, wrist or elbow. The streamlined design of the entire tap helps reduce dirt and bacteria traps while the removable spout enables easy disinfection.

Sequential Leva mixers have an optimised flow rate of 5 litres per minute, which in a healthcare application, allows the basin to be adequately cleansed of soap residue and pathogens. The inclusion of a laminar flow device in the spout outlet reduces the risk of airborne bacteria.

The SQ Leva Range comes in a choice of six models:

  • Surgeon Mixer – Disabled/surgeon 150mm lever
  • Surgeon Mixer – Hand/wrist 80mm lever
  • Basin Mixer - Disabled/surgeon 150mm lever
  • Basin Mixer - Hand/wrist 80mm lever
  • Shower Mixer
  • On Wall Basin Mixer

For the surgeon and basin mixers, users can choose between a hand/wrist 80mm lever and a disabled/surgeon 150mm lever.

The disabled/surgeon 150mm lever is designed specifically for health and aged care facilities where hands-free, elbow-operated scrub facilities are required. In comparison, the surgeon and basin hand/wrist 80mm lever is ergonomically designed for ease-of-use with the hand or wrist, allowing the user to move the tap handle with minimum hand or wrist movement.

Sequential Leva mixer

All Sequential Leva mixers include a detachable flat spout, which can be removed for disinfection, allowing the user to cleanse the spout and arrest bacterial growth. Additionally, all of Enware’s Sequential tapware mixers are energy efficient and cost effective with a five star WELS rating. Since each mixer only uses 5 litres of water per minute, the facility’s water consumption and energy costs are reduced well into the future.

Sequential Leva matches perfectly with the Health TMV shower mixer handle.