Enware Australia introduces a new line of electronic hands-free tapware for public, commercial and healthcare facilities.  

Hands-free tapware is becoming the gold standard for public, commercial and healthcare facilities, helping them to deliver high levels of hygiene, functionality and comfort to their users.  

The automatic shut-off, electronically actuated tapware also helps achieve water savings and cross infection control in non-domestic facilities.  

According to Tim Fisher, General Manager Marketing and Innovations of Enware Australia, electronic hands-free taps are preferred in commercial applications such as office buildings, hotels, shopping centres, childcare centres and upmarket licensed clubs in addition to medical centres, veterinary surgeons and dentists.  

He adds that companies in the food industry are moving from the standard tap and basin combination to hands-free electronic tapware for hand hygiene for OH&S reasons and food standard awareness in addition to water savings. These users include larger restaurants, supermarket chains and food franchises.  

The new Enmatic range of hands-free tapware from Enware-Oras combines sophisticated engineering with fine Nordic design to deliver one of the most advanced electronic taps in the Australian market.    

Key technology features in the Enmatic range of hands-free tapware: 

  • Reliable infrared sensor to activate the water flow    
  • Auto-focus beam incorporating Enware-Oras triangulation technology enables a more reliable operation and less interference from nearby reflective surfaces 
  • Additional user friendliness from Intelligent Activation Technology 
  • Optional temperature adjuster offers users the option to wash with warm or cold water 
  • Water temperature is adjusted simply by rotating the knob on the side of the tap 
The Enmatic electronic tapware allows the temperature to be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences whereas previously, such taps were restricted to a single temperature. This specific feature makes the Enmatic suitable for use in domestic bathrooms.  

Enmatic electronic hands-free taps are WaterMark approved with an impressive 6 Star WELS rating for water efficiency. The internals are IP67 rated for water and humidity protection of electrical components, while the range has dual fixing points for extra strength in public washrooms. Power supply is through the mains or batteries.  

The Enmatic range: 

  • Cubista, a designer model for luxury hotels, bars and restaurants 
  • Vega, an easy-clean robust design for office buildings, shopping centres, licensed clubs and childcare centres 
  • Viva, a single-temperature basic model for budget-conscious buyers 
Enmatic tapware is backed by the national service resources of Enware-Oras, ensuring that parts and technical backup are freely available.    

Enware’s commercial tapware and washroom products include: 

  • Hygienic, robust lever-action Leva range, which uses elbow, palm or wrist activation to reduce the risk of cross contamination when washing hands 
  • Aquablend thermostatic mixing valves for delivering water at a pre-set temperature 
  • Pressalit Care bathroom products for the elderly or disabled