Enware Australia  offer a new range of hygienic and water-efficient Enmatic 5000 series electronic wall tapware, suitable for a broad range of commercial and public applications.  

Enmatic 5000 Wall Tapware is manufactured in Australia, and uses sensor or single-touch activation to ensure that hygiene is maximised, contamination is minimised, and extra water savings are achieved in applications such as washrooms, food service areas, medical facilities, schools and shopping centres.  

Automatic shutoff helps reduce the risk of hand cross-contamination, which the Government has emphasised as important to prevent food contamination and the spread of diseases such as swine flu, says Enware Managing Director Paul Degnan.    

New options in the Enmatic 5000 wall tapware range include touch-activated time flow and wave-on, wave-off. Enmatic 5000 wall tapware is 24V mains powered and controlled by either an infrared sensor or piezo touch technology. Timings can be set to best suit particular application requirements. The Enmatic 5000 wall tapware series is vandal-resistant and WELs registered for water efficiency compliance.  

The Enmatic 5000 wall tapware range is built to the same exacting safety, hygiene and toughness standards that have resulted in other Enware safety and tapware products being specified throughout Australia and internationally in applications ranging from the finest hotels, laboratories, restaurants and medical facilities to factories, mines, building sites and correctional institutions.