One of the world’s most advanced toxic chemical vapour neutralisation technologies is being introduced to Australia and New Zealand by Enware Australia .

Fast-Act toxic chemical vapour neutralisation dry powder formulation allows first responders to neutralise toxic chemical vapours.

Paul Degnan, Managing Director of Enware Australia explained that the non-flammable, non-corrosive formulation significantly reduces liquid and vapour hazards that are a result of accidents, emergencies and spills. On-site incident management, chemical containment and clean up times are reduced since the dry powder neutralises threats upon contact.

Fast-Act is effective for neutralising a variety of toxic chemicals with the added capability to destroy Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs). Fast-Act effectively neutralises and adsorbs acidic and caustic gases as well as oxidisers and is effective against vapour hazards including: 

  • Acids 
  • Anhydrous ammonia, choking agent 
  • Acidic and caustic gases 
  • Chlorine, choking agent 
  • Ethylene oxide 
  • Halogenated compounds 
  • Hydrogen chloride, also considered a blood agent 
  • Nitrogen dioxide 
  • Organic compounds 
  • Phosphorus compounds
  • Sulphur dioxide
The chemical vapour neutraliser is also effective against chemical warfare agents deployed as either liquid aerosols or vapours, including tear gas lachrymatory agents, distilled mustard blistering agent, Soman nerve agent and VX nerve agent.