Architects and designers specialising in designing for the aged care, healthcare and disability segments can confidently specify the CARE601 toilet suite from Enware Australia for their projects.

Designed as a supportive and functional toilet suite, Enware’s CARE601 offers excellent design benefits for architects, designers, facility managers, users and carers. The toilet suite is a part of Enware’s IFO range of bathroom products, designed specifically for healthcare, aged care, disability and commercial applications.

The CARE601 toilet suite combines ergonomic and aesthetic benefits with the safety requirements and hygienic needs of users and carers. The toilet suite is designed to enhance the lives of people with movement restrictions caused by ageing, disability or injury.

Key features in the CARE601 toilet suite allow architects and designers to expand their design possibilities. For instance, the CARE601 kit does not require a wall based structural support thanks to the integrated support arms. Toilet roll holders on both arms accommodate users with limited mobility, while eliminating the need for an additional wall fixture, and allowing various room configurations to be considered at the design stage.

Sustainability, an important consideration for aged care facilities, continues to be prioritised by Enware in their products and services. The CARE601 offers outstanding whole-of-life value for new, renovation and replacement projects and achieves a WELS 4 Star rating.

Enware’s CARE601 comes with the assurance of quality, reliability and performance with over 2500 toilet suites installed within the last 3 years.