Enware Australia has entered into a contract with Sydney Water to supply wireless ultrasonic meters for all new multi-level buildings in the Sydney Water region. Sydney Water is one of the largest water utility companies in Australia.

The contract recognises Enware as the first approved and accredited meter supplier for Sydney Water’s new Multi-Level Individual Metering (MLIM) policy, effective from September this year.

Enware’s Hydrometer Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system takes water and energy management of residential, commercial and industrial developments to a new level by providing comprehensive and accurate usage data including leakage information.

Suitable for Green Star building projects, Enware’s wireless ultrasonic meter enables wireless data transfer that allows meter readings to be collected using walk-by or drive-by technology, IZAR M-Bus or fixed network systems and BMS systems for applications ranging from single point to entire plants, complexes or districts.

Fully compatible with water, gas and electricity meters, the AMR metering system features flexible data management solutions, including IZAR NET software that has been developed to interface and adapt to most customer billing systems and also provide a powerful database management tool.

Enware’s wireless ultrasonic meters meet all requirements for data integrity and system reliability strictly stipulated by Sydney Water including the use of wireless technology; no mechanical or reed switches technology in connecting the meter to the transmitter module; ability to count in reverse in the event of reverse flow; and minimum 10 years of battery life.

Instead of mechanical pulses, Enware uses ultrasonic electronic technology, which has the additional benefit of preventing equipment tampering. This feature is critical to utilities, especially to ensure the system provides true and accurate data for billing; and eliminates any risk of false data skewing plans for future development of infrastructure and consumption trends.

Enware’s wireless metering system also eliminates the reliability issues typically associated with traditional hard wired systems caused by damaged, disconnected or poorly connected cables. Enware’s fully integrated meter does not have any external add-on components. The AMR system also provides leak detection and reverse flow counting, helping to deal with water theft and meter tampering, while also reducing maintenance costs by providing a 16-year meter life and improved revenue, from the ‘whole of life’ accuracy assurance delivered by Enware’s ultrasonic measuring technology.