Enware Australia introduces the ergonomically designed Pressalit PLUS range of bathroom solutions for the disability and aged care sectors in Australia. 

The Pressalit PLUS range of showers, toilets, taps and basins combines the latest technology with simple, yet bold designs. This range includes a wall-fitted track system, horizontally and vertically adjustable shower chairs, adjustable support arms for toileting, electrically adjustable wash basin brackets, and shower and bath grab rails. The wall-mounted track system allows individual products to be removed from rooms if they are not being used by people with disabilities or the elderly with special needs.

Enware managing director Adam Degnan explains that the Pressalit PLUS range adds a humanising element to bathroom designs. While incorporating all the features of the common institutional design, the Pressalit PLUS range provides a private bathroom experience, which is an important factor when trying to enhance the quality of life for the user and create a greater sense of job satisfaction for the carer.

The Pressalit range has been designed to provide hospitals and nursing homes with the same warm, inviting feel as a private bathroom, while maintaining the same functionality as an industrial bathroom.

A major advantage of the Pressalit PLUS range is that it is pitched at the exact same price as the products it’s been assigned to replace. Pressalit PLUS is designed by Danish company PressalitCare, and distributed in Australia by Enware. 

Enware celebrated 75 years of Australian manufacturing this year. Enware’s product range has always had a niche focus on health, disability and aged care products, specialist tapware, thermostatic mixing valves and emergency deluge showers and eyewash systems.