The Imbiber Bead absorbent polymer system from Enware Australia was recently used for environmental oil spill protection in a major dam project in the ACT.  

Designed to clean up localised oil spillages as well as provide an early warning system, Imbiber Beads from Enware SafeEquip were supplied by Blackwoods Canberra to Bulk Water Alliance for spill protection on their dam and pumping projects including the Cotter Dam upgrade.  

The Imbiber Bead system is intended for broad application throughout diverse industries including automotive, building, construction, electrical, engineering, food and beverage, farming, government utility, hospitals, infrastructure, manufacturing, metal processing, materials handling, military, mining and petroleum, process engineering, primary product processing, water and wastewater as well as safety media.  

Matthew Shanley, Key Account Manager for Blackwoods says that the Imbiber absorbent polymer soaks up any hydrocarbons and also provides a colour indication of the presence of these substances, turning pink or red when it comes in contact with fuel and related chemicals.  

The colour indicator means users can easily monitor and inspect the Imbiber products in situ in potentially hazardous areas, says Enware SafeEquip Product Manager Mark West.  

Two Imbiber Beads standard packs of 18cm x 18cm dimensions have been shown in tests to fully absorb a litre of diesel fuel in water in 15 minutes.  

He adds that Imbiber Beads offer several advantages in spill containment by not only capturing and containing leaks but also reducing explosive vapours.  

Imbiber Beads are the only absorbent products capable of capturing spills and not releasing waste, totally immobilising the liquid once it is absorbed.