Enware addresses the needs of the Aged Care and Disability segments by providing compliant and innovative solutions.

Enware has extensive experience in the Aged Care and Disability markets, having completed over 200 projects in partnership with some of Australia’s leading aged care operators, health facilities, hotels, architects, governments and construction developers.

Enware’s deep involvement in this market segment allows the company to provide innovative solutions that meet the constantly changing needs of residents and patients as well as end users and their carers. The company’ scope of service encompasses advice and direction on product suitability to installation while working within OH&S regulations and ensuring compliance with relevant Australian Standards and Guidelines.

Enware understands the needs of aged care, young care and independent living facilities, providing solutions that ensure independence, dignity, safety and comfort to the user.

To ensure the solution fits the user and their environment, Enware focusses on: What the end patient and resident user want and need; How to make the product easy to use for the carer; and, How the product will work for the location/ facility.

Enware understands that users seek a safe and durable product solution they can feel confident about, and which allows them to be as independent as possible while having the flexibility to adapt to their changing needs.

Enware also knows that carers prefer products that minimise physical strain and make their work easily manageable. Enware’s products are easily adjusted and can be moved quickly according to the carers’ needs.