Student health and wellbeing are top priorities for school administrators. Enware Australia has introduced a new range of bottle fillers to provide a great alternative to bubblers.

The simple design allows existing bubblers to be easily removed and replaced with the new bottle fillers in minutes. Students will find it easy to refill their water bottles regularly throughout the day, helping to ensure they stay well hydrated.

Bottle Filler

Bottle fillers replacing bubblers

Principal feedback: "Our new Enware bottle fillers have been a wonderful addition to our school... students have reported that they are drinking more... they are able to refill water bottles... because they consider the bottle fillers hygienic and easy to use."


Easy to retrofit in minutes

The new bottle fillers feature a remove and swap retrofit design. Simply remove the existing bubbler and replace with a new Enware bottle filler.

Push Button Activation

New push button activation

The new Enware bottle fillers come with a push button activation option, offer simple use, and are easy for students to fill and go.