Enware Australia announces the launch of a new range of touch free point of use thermostatic mixers designed for convenience, hygiene and infection control in demanding healthcare facilities.

Australia’s first and most technically advanced touch free point of use thermostatic mixer solution, Enware Aquablend eSQX directly dispenses controlled temperature heated water; improves hygiene and user safety with touch free operation; and offers infection control by ensuring the reduction of bacterial growth in supply lines.

The temperature is set at installation ensuring ongoing safe delivery of warm water. This setting can be adjusted by qualified personnel after installation.

eSQX thermostatic mixers offer a complete solution for clinical, procedural and surgical hand wash applications, and are also suitable for food preparation and public washroom environments. The touch free function is particularly ideal for general hand hygiene within healthcare facilities and food preparation applications.

Key features of Enware Aquablend eSQX thermostatic mixers include superior durability and energy efficiency; seamless compatibility with Type A and Type B wash basins; touch free washing using the sensor below the outlet; and sensor location above the outlet purpose-designed for clinical hand to elbow washing.

The innovative thermostatic mixing valve brings heated water directly to the mixer eliminating warm water dead legs and potential Legionella risk while enhancing user comfort and safety. A smart, self-purging 12-hour flush cycle expels stagnant water, not only minimising the risk of bacterial growth in the supply lines but also maximising water and energy savings.