The Pressalit PLUS bathroomware range from Enware Australia was recently introduced to NSW Network members of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia (ACAA) at a recent quarterly meeting in Sydney.

Enware’s latest Pressalit PLUS range includes a wall-fitted track system, horizontally and vertically adjustable shower chairs, adjustable support arms for toileting, electrically adjustable wash basin brackets, and shower and bath grab rails. All these products combine flexibility, accessibility and aesthetics to simplify the process of creating disability friendly bathrooms.

The ACAA NSW Network members discussed designing buildings such as hotels, motels, holiday accommodation and commercial buildings that not only comply with the AS1428.1 (2009) Accessibility Standard, but also meet the requirements for furniture and fittings within these buildings from a universal access perspective to accommodate everyone.

Mr Sandor Franken, Technical Specification Specialist for Enware care products attended the ACAA meeting to discuss the best ways to make buildings universally accessible and user-friendly with Enware’s product range.

According to Mr Franken, access consultants have thought of everything when it comes to building design and also take a whole-of-room perspective when designing hotel rooms. Having a wall-mounted track system that has horizontally and height adjustable features is a huge benefit as it allows individual products to be removed from the rooms when not in use by people with disabilities or the elderly with special needs. This is particularly relevant to hotels and accommodation providers, who may have several different guests using the same room in the same week.

Mr Franken observes businesses that have actively chosen to include all people with disabilities by providing universal access get a competitive advantage in the market by catering to all potential customers.

The Pressalit PLUS range comes from Enware’s longstanding partnership with Danish company PressalitCare.