Enware Australia  will be introducing a new solar powered range of self-contained safety showers with integrated eyewash for use in remote locations at the Safety in Action show in Melbourne from April 17 to April 19.  

Enware’s new self-contained safety showers with eyewash incorporate sufficient water storage capacity to operate both emergency shower and eyewash to AS4775-2007 requirements. The unit does not need mains power or additional plumbing connection.  

The new Enware range is designed for mining, oil and gas, defence and heavy industry applications, especially in remote locations. The shower and eyewash ensure optimum water coverage to quickly remove contaminants and irritants from the face, eyes and body, helping to deliver quick treatment and prevent serious injuries.  

Key features of Enware emergency shower and eyewash units:  

  • Developed for reliable performance even in ambient temperatures exceeding 45ºC
  • Heavy stainless steel enclosure with stainless steel construction throughout for maximum lifespan and failsafe operation in harsh environments
  • Additional insulation options available where required
  • Operates from a self-monitoring fully independent power supply comprising of battery, pump system and solar panels
  • Robust 24V battery and pump system developed by Enware
  • Two solar Enertech 40W solar panel modules connected to a Morningstar 24V 10 Ah regulator
  • Two Geltech 56Ah 12V maintenance-free batteries with built-in battery monitoring
  • Supplied standard with water level, water temperature and battery supply indication gauges
  • Loading/ unloading access for forklift tines or cranes
Enware is a leading Australian manufacturer of stainless steel showers and exports to 15 countries.