Leading Australian manufacturer of stainless steel showers, Enware Australia introduces a new line of emergency safety showers and eye and eye/ face washes for industrial and commercial applications.  

Developed by Enware, the new range of emergency safety showers and eyewashes ensures optimum coverage to quickly remove contaminants and irritants from the face, eyes and body.  

Enware has broad experience nationally and internationally in preventing injury and improving workplace safety over several decades.  

The modular designed stainless steel showers and eyewashes provide superior durability and reliability. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Enware’s high visibility showers and eyewashes have been independently tested for compliance to ANSI Z358.1-2009 and AS4775-2007 standards.  

The eyewash features a dedicated eye wash stream that provides a balanced water flow, while the independently-angled face wash streams give optimum facial coverage.  

A zero velocity apex point for both the eye and eye/face wash streams provides more comfort and control for effective cleansing of the eyes and face.  

Featuring hands-free operation, the eye wash is easily activated by hand or low angle foot pedal, allowing both hands to be available to open the eyes for simultaneous cleansing. Both the eye and face washes have integral auto-open dust covers.  

A self-draining design in Enware’s new emergency safety showers and eyewashes reduces Legionella risk, especially in tepid water installations.