Australian manufacturer of water conservation tapware and safety products, Enware , is practising what it preaches by introducing a water recycling project to its chrome plating facilities.

Enware Australia’s new recycling plant at Caringbah, Sydney, not only improves water conservation and eliminates the need to dispose of polluted water, but also increases workplace safety and product quality.

Enware Australia is a champion of efficient local manufacturing and a producer of innovative solutions to some of the major safety and water conservation issues facing Australia.

The company’s water recycling project, which is now in service, involves an EPA-approved chrome plating plant built to maintain Enware’s environmental priorities and exacting product quality standards.

"In its first year of operation the new water recycling plant saved more than 1.3 million litres of water," says Enware Chief Operations Manager, Adam Degnan.

In keeping with their corporate safety ethos and the promotion of new technologies to conserve water and offset the effects of global warming, Enware decided to invest in state-of-the-art waste water processing technology.

The innovative recycling technology selected involves industry best practice standards. It includes a closed water loop on plating rinse water, meaning the same water is re-used repeatedly, rather than being flushed away on a weekly basis.