Enware Australia supplied and installed a proven range of LEEC body handling solutions for Wollongong Hospital’s newly refurbished mortuary facility.

Available from Enware throughout Australia and New Zealand, the LEEC products supplied at the Wollongong Hospital included stainless steel height adjustable racking systems, body trays, mobile extraction autopsy tables as well as semi-obese and bariatric equipment designed to accommodate bodies weighing up to 415kg.

According to Enware Business Development Manager Mr Jordi Skelton, the LEEC mortuary equipment supplied by Enware provides economical, functional and operational benefits to the hospital in terms of improved storage capacity and flexibility, elimination of unnecessary handling, easier access for equipment cleaning and reduced energy costs, especially in the unique fridge/freezer cabinet system.

Based on feedback from clinicians and current user groups on usage and requirements, Enware redesigned the space to be more effective, efficient and functional. Consideration was also given to the overall master plan of Wollongong Hospital and its projected future use.

Hygiene being a major consideration in the refurbishment, Enware introduced the LEEC tray transfer system to greatly reduce manual handling and other health and safety issues within the department. LEEC’s ‘Body Handling’ concept is based on reducing physical effort, as well as minimising repeated handling and hazardous practices.

Enware’s offering for the LEEC equipment encompasses supply, training, installation and ongoing service and maintenance. The company supplied bespoke autopsy stations to meet Wollongong Hospital’s specific infection control requirements.

LEEC products available through Enware Australia:


Trolleys are made to order to meet the exact needs of each client and include hydraulic embalming trolleys, hydraulic stacking trolleys, low loading trolleys, viewing trolleys, roller top trolleys, and fixed top trolleys.


LEEC’s 100% stainless steel trays feature a special 40mm raised perimeter profile to offer a full embalming platform.

Embalming stations

Featuring the unique LEEC body handling system, embalming stations satisfy the demand from laboratory managers, mortuary technicians and funeral directors for reliable, durable and easy to clean embalming equipment.


Racking is available in a range of variations, including height-adjustable freestanding systems, fixed height racking and mobile racking, all equipped with heavy duty castors allowing greater manoeuvrability.


LEEC refrigerated cabinets are built to order, with a choice of finishes, trays and roller combinations.

Energy-efficient cooling systems come in many formats including split cooling units, wall mounted units and rooftop mounted units.

Cooling systems

The LEEC energy-efficient cooling systems include split cooling units, wall mounted units and rooftop mounted units in various formats.

Bariatric range

LEEC’s bariatric range can handle safe working loads of over 400kg and includes power driven heavy duty transfer and loading trolleys, autopsy and embalming stations, and extra wide racking systems.

Enware Australia’s tapware, safety and stainless steel products complement the LEEC range of equipment, providing proven and reliable, robust and fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver performance as well provide maximum cost efficiency throughout product life.