Specialist, tapware and safety product company Enware has overcome traditional hurdles to local manufacturing by developing a reputation for quality and innovation in the demanding specialist markets it serves.

Enware Australia Pty Ltd, headquartered at Caringbah, has more than trebled its employment in a decade, building a team of more than 190 people committed to insight and design driven solutions that enhance safety and performance

“In the current global climate it is incredibly tough for Australian manufacturers to stay competitive. However, we pride ourselves on a strong design component, a special relationship with the end user and the understanding of their needs. Our products have a quality that they just can’t buy off the shelf” said Enware Australia Executive Chairman, Paul Degnan.

Enware celebrates the 75th anniversary of its founding this year, having grown from its small original premises in Punchbowl to the state-of-the-art plant now located in Caringbah where it has experienced strong and sustained growth since 1988.

The company – which has more than trebled its turnover and investment in Australian manufacturing over the last decade – focuses strongly on plumbing and safety markets with a special emphasis on education, health, aged care, laboratory, detention, food preparation and water conservation.

“It’s tough out there for any business at the moment, there’s no doubt about that, but Enware has stayed committed to quality, and keeping skills and jobs in Australia,” says Mr Degnan.

“While many companies in the industry have moved offshore for lower costs, Enware has, as much as possible, committed to keeping core manufacturing skills and technology in Australia. “We do not compete on price as a priority but on providing comprehensive quality solutions, including those strongly oriented to innovation, highest quality standards of production and achieving water and energy efficiency,” says Mr Degnan.

"Our 75-year history and the strong reputation of our core products for schools and hospitals have stood us in good stead. These health and education-oriented products, as well as our durable and reliable anti-vandal tapware are examples of our main Australian-made ranges"

"Enware taps and lab fittings are seen in hospitals, high schools, universities and commercial labs right across Australia. Our vandal resistant tapware and bubblers for schools are right up there with the world’s best – and our hygienic, durable tapware for hospitals has achieved such wide recognition for quality that it has also been chosen for hospitals throughout South Asia, India and in the Middle East".

Following its philosophy of custom-designed specialist quality products, Enware has pursued a programme of offering class design and engineering, strong response to customer needs, innovative problem solving, efficient delivery and competitive pricing.

With a strong network throughout Australia and New Zealand and established offices in Singapore, Enware exports to South East Asia, and also operates a base in Dubai to serve rapidly growing markets in India and the Middle East.

"Our Asian market is a similar type of market to the one on which we have built our name throughout Australia and New Zealand,” said Mr Degnan. “We believe our formula is one that is capable of international success, in and we are constantly seeking ways to advance our products across the world.”

Enware Australia is an innovative producer of specialist tapware, water management systems and water technology products for hospitals, schools, laboratories, detention centres, food preparation facilities, local and government facilities, age care and numerous other applications. Its conservation, safety and hygiene-oriented products include TMVs (thermostatic mixing valve systems), anti-vandal tapware, bubblers, laboratory tapware, lever tapware for hospitals and health care, emergency showers and eye/face wash systems and food service tapware designed for hygiene and water conservation. Enware ranges include Smartflow electronic water management systems, hands-free tapware options and health care associated products.

Enware also manufactures a large range of emergency safety shower and eyewash equipment, while distributing some of the products of internationally acknowledged leaders in areas such as spill containment storage, decontamination and Hazchem equipment.

Enware provides adaptable work and living solutions designed to improve the quality of life by maximising an individual’s independence, dignity, safety and comfort through an extensive range of bathroom and kitchen fittings specifically designed for aged and disabled use.

In addition to its modern manufacturing plant in Caringbah, Sydney, it has built an EPA-approved chrome plating plant to maintain its exacting quality standards and extended customer service with branches throughout Australia and also in Singapore and Dubai.

The company has won design awards in Australia and overseas for its specialist plumbing and rugged stainless steel safety products. Enware holds an Australian Standards Licence as a Quality Endorsed Company lSO9001:2000. (Licence No. 1213).