A constant stream of headlines about the need to safeguard hygiene confronts operators of hotels, hospitals, hospitality venues, canteens and restaurants where staff use their hands to prepare food and beverages.

Hand hygiene is recognised as the front line weapon in the war on hygiene risks, but specifiers of tapware also have to achieve the water economies being required of them while still obtaining optimum cleaning performance.

Enware Australia  have introduced electronic self-closing tapware. The electronic taps are activated by infra-red sensors, eliminating hand-to-tap contact, which reduces contamination and increases hygiene. The electronic self-closing tapware automatically turns on and shuts off the taps, so water is not left running causing excessive wastage.

The electronic taps are activated by users placing their hands underneath them. An adjustable sensor beam recognises when hands are present, activating water flow. When the hands are removed, the water is turned off automatically.

The electronic self-closing tapware is made of DR-brass construction with a built in-in filter. With their no-touch activation, the electronic taps meet occupational health and safety regulations for hand hygiene.

According to Enware Australia, the electronic self-closing tapware is used in a range of commercial and public applications where hygiene is a major issue, such as food preparation, hotels and restaurants, hospitality venues, hospital and healthcare, aged and disabled care, schools and universities, commercial kitchens and chemical and manufacturing plants.

Enware Australia’s range of electronic self-closing tapware can operate off batteries or mains power. The range of electronic self-closing tapware includes:

  • Enmatic 1000 Series Basin tap
  • Enmatic 2000 Series Basin Tap Anti Vandal
  • Enmatic 3000 Series Sink Tap
  • Enmatic 3000 Series Hospital/Laboratory tap
  • Enmatic 5000 Series Wall tap

Enware Australia have also introduced the Enmatic touch-activated time flow taps, which, comply with mandatory WELS water conservation and labelling laws, while also having Piezo touch control that is light and easy to use for young children, old people and those with disabilities.

Electronically controlled for accurate flow times and featuring an anti vandal design to ensure they cannot be held open, the Enmatic touch-activated time flow taps are suitable for applications ranging from hotels, hospitality venues, shopping centres and transport terminals to government facilities and food service areas. Flow time is adjustable to suit target application needs, delivering cold or pre-mixed water.

Enware Australia observe that the Enmatic touch-activated time flow taps feature smooth profiles that are easy to clean and electronic functionality, minimising hand contact and potential cross-infection.