Bathroom, toilet and kitchen products from Enware Australia were selected by the Cerebral Palsy Alliance for their new state-of-the-art facility in Allambie Heights.

The existing Cerebral Palsy Alliance site in Allambie Heights, New South Wales was destroyed by fire in 2007. Having decided to rebuild the facility, Cerebral Palsy Alliance partnered with Enware Australia to achieve the best possible solutions to meet the needs of their users.

According to Enware Australia Business Development Manager Sandor Franken, the new building was built not only to be timeless in design but also one that provided world-class facilities suitable for therapy.

Simon Jenkins of DEM Architects, the architect for the new centre has previously worked with Enware on a number of projects.

Enware products installed at the centre included height-adjustable nursing benches, basins, kitchen worktops and wall cupboards. Mr Franken explained that Enware’s products were seen as a perfect fit with their long-standing relationship resulting in Enware creating best-practice design for the bathroom and toilet areas, as well as a change room and kitchen.

The new centre is used by an estimated 200 people each day, including people with cerebral palsy, administration staff and people from various centres who use the Alliance facility for forums and professional events.

Melanie Turner, Manager – Executive Administration & Projects at Cerebral Palsy Alliance provided input into the choice of fittings at the new centre, in conjunction with an access advisory group of occupational therapists, carers, Alliance staff, people with disabilities, and others.

The new Cerebral Palsy Alliance campus has now been open for more than a year. Ms Turner observes that the height-adjustable basins and kitchen facilities are easy for their clients to use. She would recommend the equipment to similar centres providing services for people with disabilities.

Enware Australia products installed at the new Cerebral Palsy Alliance campus:

Nursing bench

Designed for situations where a person needs to be showered while lying down, Enware’s nursing bench is electronically powered, fully adjustable for height, and can be used in both wet and dry areas. The space saving design allows it to be folded up when not in use.

Support arms

Offering safety and comfort to both the user seeking to be independent and to the carer, Enware’s support arms are either height-adjustable or fixed height in design, and are typically fitted adjacent to baths, basins and toilets, simplifying standing and wheelchair transfers. The arms fold up when not in use.

Toilet seats

Featuring an ergonomic design well suited to most users, Enware toilet seats are appropriate for users who undertake wheelchair transfers. The contoured lid gives good support to the back, while a coloured option aids visual impairment.

Height adjustable basin mountings

Designed to allow the user to achieve the correct height, height adjustable basin mountings are ideal for people sharing the same basin but having different height requirements. Powered by an electric motor, the basin mountings can be easily adjusted with a lever control. The mountings can also be controlled by a gas cylinder, which creates an almost weightless wash basin, allowing for its height to be easily adjusted.

IFO Sign basin

Featuring a reverse shape washbowl that increases user area, the basin satisfies AS1428.1:2009 requirements, is fully glazed to prevent bacterial growth, has a back-to-wall lip for protection, and an easily-cleaned tap and soap area.

Indivo kitchen with height adjustable units

The worktops and wall cupboards can be raised or lowered to cater for varying physical abilities. The mechanisms are available as electrically or mechanically operated.

IFO toilets

This freestanding toilet has a 460mm seat height for those who cannot easily sit down or stand up. Featuring a pan load rate to 400kg, the toilet has an increased footprint for enhanced stability. The cistern can take a weight loading of 110kg, providing a solid backrest if required with generous support for users. The toilet is fully glazed on the back and inside rim to avoid bacterial growth.