When selecting a drinking fountain for any project, one has to factor in the need for the equipment to cater to a diverse range of users. The specifier has to consider whether the drinking fountain’s design will suit the needs of adults, children and wheelchair users in the same unit or if separate units are required for each user group.

A barrier-free drinking fountain is designed to project from the wall at a convenient height to allow a wheelchair to be positioned beneath it. The unit will also have an easily accessible push button operation.

Enware Australia offers an extensive range of barrier-free, wall or floor mounted drinking fountains designed to accommodate both wheelchair and pedestrian access. Enware’s vandal-resistant, user-friendly and contemporary barrier-free drinking fountains are ideal for use in high traffic areas such as shopping centres, schools, clubs, sporting facilities, gyms, aquatic centres and general public areas.

Enware’s barrier-free drinking fountain range comes with several options including sophisticated stainless steel models, chilled water units and split height bubblers for situations where users are likely to be drinking from different heights.