A trusted and proven waterproofing solution from Envirosystems Technologies, the Enviro HP1200 has been widely used in prestigious projects throughout Australia and even globally. Project references include the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Fiona Stanley Hospital as well as several tier one residential and commercial developments across the world. So what makes Enviro HP1200 the preferred waterproofing membrane amongst contractors?

Compliant with the latest Australian Standards for external above ground waterproofing applications, Enviro HP1200 is a low VOC, no solvent based odourless system featuring an advanced environment-friendly technology aligned with modern green design standards in the building industry.

Supported, tested and backed by a team of specialist local experts with a combined 200-plus years of experience, Enviro HP1200 offers a high-quality and low-risk alternative to other waterproofing products on the market.

Formulated as a two component 100% solids polyurethane waterproofing membrane, the spray applied Enviro HP1200 is solvent-free and flexible, providing high elasticity, superior tensile and tear strengths, and excellent abrasion resistance.

Enviro HP1200 has been independently tested by the CSIRO and passes all requirements for external area waterproofing applications.

Enviro HP1200 can be used to provide a 100% trafficable waterproof membrane to green roofs and rooftops, car parks and balconies, podiums and planter boxes, retaining walls, and cut and covered tunnels.