Envirosystems Technologies has added a new waterproofing membrane product to their range. The Enviro Hydrostatic 1 is a single component flexible cementitious waterproofing membrane based on advanced cross-linking polymer technology.

The Australian made and designed waterproofing product is recommended for commercial, industrial and residential applications. By adding water to the Hydrostatic 1 powder, a high-quality liquid system is formed, which on curing provides a watertight membrane film that is permeable to vapour diffusion and offers excellent freeze-thaw durability and adhesion properties.

Key advantages of Enviro Hydrostatic 1 waterproofing membrane include low VOC content; ability to bond to damp surfaces without a primer; single part product; resistance to salts and carbonation; and compatibility with Enviro GTA and GTX tile adhesives.

Enviro Hydrostatic 1 is suitable for immersion and underground applications involving basement walls, cellar walls, fish ponds, swimming pools, lift pits, and potable water containment.