Sub-floor Ventilation System:

Sub-floor areas as reported by building inspectors that entrap moisture will create a swathe of problems.

Excess moisture in the sub-floor area will translate into humidity which may have an impact on newly laid floors by cupping or bouncing as joists and bearers lift off brick piers by excessive moisture absorption.

Lack of sub-floor ventilation will also create condensation on timber floor structures which will decrease its longevity sub-floor ventilation can control this situation.

Termites are attracted to moisture in the sub-floor area as it is dark and wet. Sub-floor ventilation is a termite control mechanism as it extracts the humidity from the sub-floor area.

When additional sub-floor vents are installed in conjunction with Envirofan fan-forced sub-floor ventilation systems this will allow more light and increased airflow into the sub-floor area.

The lack of sub-floor ventilation will also impact on the living area as well. When airflow is inadequate in the sub-floor area damp will react with organic material (such as fungi) which will create it own unique smell.

A musty smell inside the home is a direct indicator that sub-floor ventilation isn’t right. If left unchecked this may impact on the occupants respiratory tract.

In view of the proceeding information perhaps it is high time to consider your sub-floor ventilation needs. Envirofan sub-floor ventilation systems can be of assistance in this regard.