Thermospray 800 spray insulation, when compared with Envirospray 300, has reduced density and transmission loss properties but this does not affect the noise reduction coefficients.

Available from Enviro Acoustics , Thermospray 800 is applied at a dry density of 50 kg/m3, offering effective thermal performance. This spray thermal insulation can be applied in thicknesses from 30mm to 100mm, providing Thermal Resistivity of R2.6 m2oK/W.

This spray insulation is applied using a two component spray gun that injects adhesive while impacting the dry fibres, following surface contours. Thermospray 800 can be used in areas that have limited access.

For thermal insulation, Thermospray 800 can be applied to metal roofs, also providing condensation control and rain noise reduction.

For a reduction in heat loss, this spray insulation can be applied to concrete floors that sit above open commercial buildings, car parks, plantrooms and shopping centres. Providing this heat loss will also allow air conditioning to function properly.