The John Edmunson High School at Hoxton Park and The Glenwood High School have both applied Envirospray 300 acoustic coatings in their gymnasiums.

Envirospray 300 from Enviro Acoustics  is a cost effective, spray on acoustic coating used for reverberation control in internal spaces and high transmission loss barriers.

The two Sydney schools have identical basketball court / gymnasiums with identical echo problems. As the gyms are multi purpose and also used for music and drama, the reverberation time of over 2.5 seconds was unacceptable.

Envirospray 300 acoustic coating, with a nominal thickness of 40mm, was installed to two side walls and the rear wall. After curing, Envirospray 300 acoustic coating permanently bonds to the substrate surface and has a pleasing visual finish that has a carpet like texture. The total area covered was just 250m2 and the noise problems were solved.

The reverberation time has dropped to 1.4 seconds, just within the acceptable range, and the finer points of plays, musicals and recitals can now be easily heard and understood by all the audience.