Fox Studios, the Sydney Superdome, ABC studios, the Olympic Broadcasting House and Lucas Heights Nuclear Reactor all have one thing in common: they have used Envirospray 300 to control reverberation and in transmission loss barriers.

A highly sound absorptive and elastic coating, Envirospray 300 can be directly spray applied up to 150mm thick to a range of surfaces, such as metal, concrete, timber and plasterboard. It is a proven acoustic coating that has no joints and has a carpet-like textured visual finish. The spray is available in two factory colours – steel grey and off white.

Envirospray 300, which is available through Enviro-Accoustics , is certified, safe and free of asbestos or man-made fibres, while creating only nuisance dust that is non-staining and easily contained. No fume or odours are created during the installation. It is pumped from up to 50 metres away. Unsprayed areas are masked and any overspray may simply be brushed away within four hours of application.

Ideal acoustic and thermal applications

• Applied to sound reflective surfaces to obtain superb NRC Absorption for reverberation control at all frequencies.

• Used in a combination with standard plasterboard (drywall) products to obtain tested wall systems with transmission loss ratings to Rw 84

• Sprayed directly to metal roofs to obtain unsurpassed Rain Noise Attenuation, with excellent thermal ratings and condensation control.

• Pumped into wall and floor cavities at up to 125kg/m³ to offer airborne noise attenuation, limited dampening of foot traffic and increased thermal efficiency.

• Theatres, night clubs, loading docks, multi function halls, studio, plant rooms, restaurants, auditoriums, factories, five-star acoustic rated homes.