The Hanrob Pet Care Centre was established in 1981 by Bob and Hannie Biggs and has since evolved into a premier kennel and cattery facility.

As class leaders and members of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Australia (PIJAC), it was important that the Hanrob Pet Care Centre showcased progressive technologies used in the efficient operations of the Centre.

In 1999, Envirospray 300 spray on acoustic insulation from Enviro Acoustics was used in the first of several kennels to come. This acoustic insulation helped to reduce the ambient noise levels by up to 15db(A), ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment for the dog handlers.

A curious secondary outcome was that the dogs were less excitable and barked less as a result of the lowered ambient noise levels.

The total area sprayed with the acoustic insulation measured 500sqm to a thickness of 40mm and took 4 days to complete.

More information on Envirospray 300 spray on sound insulation is available from Enviro Acoustics.