Available from Enviro Acoustics , Envirospray 300 is a spray insulation that can be applied by a specialised pump from up to 50 metres away.

This spray insulation is made from recycled natural fibres and is suitable for most stable substrates. The spray insulation can be applied in thicknesses from 10mm to 150mm depending on the desired acoustic result. The thicker the insulation the better it is at absorbing low frequencies.

Envirospray 300 spray insulation has a carpet like texture finish and if left as the final finish will offer high acoustic benefits.

Envirospray 300 spray insulation can also be used on roofs for condensation control, thermal insulation and rain noise reduction.

Envirospray 300 spray acoustic insulation can also be utilised on concrete floors for reverberation control and on plasterboard ceilings for echo reduction and an architectural finish.

Envirospray 300 spray insulation is supplied dry and packed in 12 kg bags.