Completed in 1996 by John Holland Constructions and named after Lord Richard Gardiner Casey, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade office is located opposite the new Parliament House, offering a floor space of 70,000m2.

Offices on Level 1 have an enormous car park directly below, and large heat loss was occurring through the uninsulated separating concrete slab. As Canberra is inherently cold, space heaters within the rooms above the car park worked overtime.

In keeping with the requirements of an A+ category building, Thermospray 800 insulation from Enviro Acoustics was used to achieve the high visual, thermal, fire safety and health criteria.

As a maintenance and visual requirement, every service and penetration was left neatly exposed using metal termination angles that the sprayed insulation could neatly butt up to.

The car park has achieved ‘theatre acoustics' with a low reverberation time entirely by using environmentally healthy recycled natural fibre.

Following are the project highlights:

  • Car park area: 5000m2
  • Thermospray: 800 thickness 65mm
  • Insulation colour: Steel Grey
  • Thermal conductivity: 0. 034W/mK
  • Assembly R value: R 1.7m2/kW
  • Noise reduction coefficient: 1.0
  • Architect: Integrated Space (ACT)
  • R G Casey Building (DFAT)
  • John McEwen Crescent - Canberra ACT