Envico Doors ’ unique rapid roll doors have now been successfully installed into commercial automatic car wash bays.

Andrew Bykersma, National Sales Manager for Envico Doors explained that the PVC rapid roll doors were installed by car wash operators to stop spray escaping from the car wash bays, especially when the car wash is situated close to a residential area. “This has eliminated damage that may result from over spray settling on neighbouring houses, cars, gardens and other sensitive structures.”

The newly installed Envico rapid roll doors also help to reduce the noise pollution that can escape from these car wash bays, allowing facilities to maintain longer operating hours.

Envico rapid roll doors have also helped operators retain and recycle more of the car wash water, further reducing their reliance on town water and helping to keep the car wash operators on the right side of water restrictions while helping the environment.

Envico rapid roll doors features the unique knock out repair feature, stainless steel components where critical, quality of design, reliability, durability and simplicity. The rapid roll doors have fewer working parts, reducing costly down time.