Ensuite For Hire  offer luxurious portable bathrooms. Ensuite For Hire's bathroom solutions is very convenient when extra facilities are required. Ensuite For Hire offers portable bathrooms which ensures comfort and security, while accommodating other personal requirements. These ensuites are spacious and perfect solution during bathroom renovations, or in case of unexpected extra guests arrivals. Ensuite For Hire are comfortable for festivals, parties, and during functions. Garden weddings are more common nowadays hired ensuite will serve better on these occasion. Luxurious ensuites are suitable of Conferences. Outdoor events like film making, sporting event, camp etc are the places where Ensuite For Hire is required. These ensuites are hygienic, free from odors and chemical more over it is very comfortable. Ensuite For Hire can be installed easily. No need of electrician or plumber is required. The only needed facilities are water, sewage and electricity supply. Ensuite For Hire provide their service to Melbourne and its surrounding area, Mornington Peninsula.

Ensuite For Hire provides a completely equipped units with standard porcelian flushing toilet, full size shower, chrome plated lever handle tapware, 50 litre electric hot water service, semi recessed porcelain vanity basin etc. Other requirements like mirror, lighting exhaust fan, etc are available. Holding tank is also available if no sewer is at the site.