An Enerpac EVO synchronous lifting system was used by G&S Engineering for the complex task of accurately lifting and positioning components of a 515t stacker reclaimer during a maintenance operation at the Clermont Mine in the Bowen Basin, Queensland.

A precision engineering company based in Queensland, G&S Engineering is committed to safety, quality and customer satisfaction. The latest version of the Enerpac EVO system gave G&S the capability to smoothly manoeuvre the load vertically and horizontally using one system to control the entire load.

The stacker reclaimer had to be jacked apart from the portal frame while balancing a 60m boom in order to replace the centre bearing. With such a long boom, it was important for the slew deck to remain balanced throughout the operation. An Enerpac EVO system with three CLRG 250t cylinders was used to safely handle the weight.

According to Mr Steve Gordon, Shutdowns Project Manager for G&S Engineering, the EVO system enabled them to set the load limits for individual jacking points as well as identify the centre of gravity. Using the minimum flow rate available to provide extremely smooth movements, they were able to avoid bobbing at the end of the boom, which ensured that the loads on the jacking points remained constant.

Mr Gordon adds that the system also provides controlled movements within the parameters set onsite, giving the operator confidence that he is not outside any of the engineering loads or limits during the jacking operations.

Enerpac’s multifunctional EVO-Series synchronous lifting systems can be used with multiple standard 700 bar single- or double-acting cylinders and are offered with a 5 HP or 10 HP hydraulic power unit featuring a 250-litre reservoir.

The EVO-Series system allows one device to control the entire lifting operation while providing status updates at every point of the process without the need for manual monitoring. By digitally monitoring and controlling lifting operations, users enhance safety and eliminate costly downtime.

Mr Gordon was also appreciative of the technical support received from Enerpac, which included assistance in certifying the CLGR 250t cylinders to take the load on the cylinder wall, enabling a horse shoe style ram packer to be used and saving them time in obtaining an independent certification.