Bishops, the largest industrial equipment provider in Papua New Guinea, has entered into a distribution agreement with Enerpac to supply and support the bolting specialist’s extensive range of tools and equipment.

The agreement will significantly benefit existing and new users of Enerpac high-force 700-bar, 10,000 psi hydraulic equipment among Bishops’ many customers involved in mining, petrochemicals, manufacturing, forestry, primary industry and Government agencies. Papua New Guinea has large resource industries, including an extensive mining industry focusing predominantly on gold, silver, copper and nickel.

Enerpac National Bolting Manager Mr Pat Molloy explains that several mine sites and industry worksites in PNG already benefit extensively from the efficiency and reliability of Enerpac tools; the new agreement will ensure customers have expanded access to these products as well as technical support from a highly respected local supplier.

According to Mr Molloy, Enerpac’s comprehensive range of tools will be available in PNG through Bishops, extending from high-strength non-impact professional bolting technologies to high-reliability, energy-saving pumps, cylinders and lifting cylinders. Customers in PNG and Solomon Islands will get the double benefit of access to one of the best ranges of hydraulic tools available globally from Enerpac, combined with the local expertise and backup of Bishops with seven industrial branches offering an inventory of more than 75 million kina worth of safety and industrial goods.

Enerpac precision bolting tools include comprehensive families of hexagon and square drive all-steel hydraulic torque wrenches, custom-engineered torque wrench pumps, tensioners, nut splitters, flange spreaders and alignment tools constructed to complete the most difficult bolting jobs with the high degree of safety and accuracy demanded in today's work environment.

Mr Molloy adds that Enerpac’s complete range of tools available through Bishops will be ideally complemented by Enerpac pumping and lifting technologies that have been extensively proven in some of the most difficult conditions in PNG over decades.