Over the past generation, Solar Hot Water systems have become a common sight on rooftops. More and more people are turning to the sun for clean, free energy.

In the modern era Photo-Voltaic (PV) Solar Panels are commonly used to generate electricity.

The PV Edge enables you to feed the electricity you have generated back into the Grid.

This effectively spins your meter backwards, reduces demand on power utilities and your home becomes a green power station.

Innovation and flexibility

The PV Edge can operate in a simple maintenance free system with solar modules only or connect to batteries to allow the use of other renewable energy sources such as wind or micro hydro turbines.

Alternatively combine the PV Edge with one of the Standalone Inverters for a fail safe Power System that exports excess energy to the Grid and also provides emergency back up power should the Grid fail.


  • Circuit breakers - AC and DC Circuit Breakers are included for easy operation and to minimise installation time and costs
  • Maximum power point tracking - The Solar array is held at the optimum voltage and continually monitored in order to achieve the maximum power output
  • Isolation - Galvanic isolation within the PV Edge provides optimal protection for your system and your household
  • Reliability - Over 20 years of experience and continuous adherence to stringent quality standards ensures good reliability
  • Efficiency - The latest low loss switching technology combined with a high efficiency Toroidal Transformer maximises the output of the PV Edge even under conditions of minimal Solar Radiation
  • Australian made - The PV Edge is a grid interactive inverter designed and manufactured in Australia

The PV Edge is available through Energy Matters.