• Rotor diameter: 46" (1.15 meters)
  • Weight: 13 lbs. (5.85 kg)
  • Mount: 1.5" (1.9" OD, 48 mm) SCHED 40 pipe
  • Start up windspeed: 6 Knots (7 mph, 2.7 m/s)
  • Voltage: 12, 24, 48 VDC
  • Rated output: 400 watts at 24 knots (28 mph, 12.5 m/s)


  • Exclusive sophisticated internal charge controller, V externally adjustable for any type of battery
  • Patented peak power tracking for maximum power at V all wind speeds
  • Exclusive Autobrake slows the blades to a silent V spin when the batteries are charged
  • Marine quality powder coated aluminum body, all V stainless steel hardware, marine grade
  • wire, water tight housing
  • Variable pitch V aerolastic all carbon fiber blades
  • Brushless V permanent magnet alternator
  • Maintenance V free - only two moving parts

Optional Tower Kits

  • All stainless steel hardware with self-locking nuts V
  • Mast and stays are white powder-coated aluminum V
  • The 9' mast (2.7 m) has an outside diameter of 1.9" (48 V mm) also known as 1.5" schedule 40 pipe. The two 9' (2.7 m) stays have an outside diameter of 1" (25.4 mm)
  • Specially designed built-in vibration dampening mounts V minimise noise transmission caused by wind generators
  • Tilting mast base for easy installation V
  • Fully adjustable stay anchor base mounts V
  • Designed to withstand hurricane force winds V
  • Can be installed on transom or deck in just a few hours V
  • Mast and hardware kit sold separately V

In just a few years, the AIR X marine wind turbine has been used among blue water cruisers selling over 70,000 turbines worldwide.

Patented: AIR X marine is a new generation of small wind turbine. The onboard microprocessor actually monitors wind speed and optimises output using an exclusive peak power tracking feature.

Stall Regulation: Another patented feature allows the AIR X marine to quietly produce maximum output and then slow the blades to eliminate flutter noise.

Reliability: The design of the body efficiently flows excess heat into the wind reducing operating temperature which improves performance.


With only two moving parts, the AIR X marine is simple to install, easy to use and requires no maintenance.

The AIR X marine is capable of supplying power for:

  • Refrigeration V
  • Auto-pilot V
  • Water maker V
  • Lights V
  • Navigational equipment V
  • Communication equipment V

AIR X marine

“I was able to operate all of the equipment aboard my 40 ft (12 m) sailboat including (with inverter) a microwave, coffee pot, bread maker, TV and VCR, toaster as well as 12 volt system radio, radar, lights, loran and refrigerator. The AIR marine was my only source of recharging aside from occasional engine motoring.” - Jim Brown, Captain - Time Traveler

“The AIR marine is the only turbine I would ever use.” Pete Goss - 3 Time B.O.C. Racer

“Our 10 meter yacht, KEEPSAKE II, was a Citration ocean cruiser and the very last piece of new equipment we installed was your fabulous and very stylish AIR marine.

"It is quite possible that without the wind generator we might not be here to ‘tell the tale’ since it kept us powered up to the last moment when we had to abandon ship and take to our life raft. We thank you for an excellent and efficient piece of machinery which we knew, intuitively, we absolutely needed. - Karel Fontaine & Kai Olaussen - KEEPSAKE II

AIR X marine wind turbine is available from Energy Matters.