In a time when even weeks of rainy days do not make up for the lack of water that Australia is suffering from, artificial lawn seems to be the answer to jazz up your courtyard.

Courtyards have blossomed all over suburban Australia in the past few decades, it is an oasis within a home, where we can put our feet up and enjoy a bit of the outdoors without venturing too far.

But how do you create that ambience of an outdoor oasis without water? Where do city dwellers find the time to maintain their oasis, so that it is always ready for a deck chair and a cup of coffee just in case we find a few quiet moments?

Glen Hannon from Enduroturf explains that today’s artificial lawn has multiple shades of realistic organic colour, long lush pile height and filled with rubber granules that not only mimic dirt in-between the blades but give us a soft cushioned surface that even feels like the real thing when you walk on it.

For a permanently manicured look, a combination of pavers and artificial lawn make a great synergy, and offer several low maintenance design opportunities.

Artificial lawn might look delicate but you can expect it to last as long as pavers. Artificial lawn is non-flammable, salt water and chlorine resistant, UV stabilized.

Apart from being used in hones, artificial lawn is used in schools, day care centres, council median strip and dog kennel runs. So Artificial lawn is up to the job of taking heavy traffic, day in – day out.