EnduroShield coated glass is helping to reduce maintenance on the glasshouses at the Bombay Sapphire Distillery in Hampshire, UK.

Leading gin-makers Bombay Sapphire set up their first in-house production facility at an abandoned Victorian paper mill in Laverstoke, Hampshire on a 20,000sqm rural property along the southern coast of England. The 18th century paper mill's original brick buildings were converted into the distillery, while two curved glass greenhouses were added to house the 10 tropical and Mediterranean botanicals used to create the world-famous gin.

A key objective for Bombay Sapphire and architects Heatherwick Studio throughout the renovation process was to create a sustainable and efficient distillery that preserved the heritage of the site. The gin distillery was also awarded the highly prestigious BREEAM (Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method) Award for Industrial Design, becoming the first distillery and first refurbishment to achieve an 'Outstanding' design-stage BREEAM accreditation.

Two glass greenhouses designed by Thomas Heatherwick form the centrepiece of the award-winning distillery. Extending from the distillery, the glasshouses use recycled air from the distillation process to maintain a warm climate inside. The use of EnduroShield's coated glass based on advanced easy clean nanotechnology is aligned with the development's eco strategy by protecting the glass against staining and etching as well as reducing environmental and monetary costs from ongoing maintenance.

The glass received the EnduroShield easy clean surface treatment in the factory prior to installation in the swooping glasshouse structures. The EnduroShield coating chemically bonds to the glass substrate, transforming it into a high performance hydrophobic surface that prevents staining, and reduces the effort and frequency of maintenance, with water and contaminants simply beading off the surface.

Representing an example of eco-conscious architecture, the impressive Bombay Sapphire Distillery is benefitting from the sustainability measures adopted during the design and construction process from both financial and efficiency perspectives, with ongoing savings in operational energy and water costs well into the future.

The smart choice for glass, EnduroShield provides a long-lasting, ultra-thin, transparent coating that completely adheres to the glass surface. Developed with cutting edge nanotechnology, the coating is applied by many of the world's leading glass companies. EnduroShield is an official partner to Lisec Corporation, the world's largest manufacturer of high-tech production lines for the glass industry.