Unlike most projects where EnduroShield is specified as a preventative measure, Bovis Lend-Lease called on an EnduroShield protective coating to overcome a problem at Sydney’s Rabo Bank head office.

Located in Sydney’s Cockle Bay foreshore development, the Rabo Bank occupies tower three of the Bovis Lend Lease Darling Park Development.

The design includes extensive use of architectural stainless steel throughout the tower providing a distinctive appearance.

After only a short period of time since completion the stainless steel surface began to suffer from unsightly corrosion and pitting.

This was due mainly to the rough bead blasted finish of the stainless steel and the building’s close proximity to the nearby harbour and main roads.

Prior to application, successful trials of EnduroShield proved effective in prolonging and controlling the rapid return of the corrosion to the stainless steels surfaces.

Following the trials, numerous stainless steel poles and facades at the inner city building were then restored and applied with EnduroShield for stainless steel.

EnduroShield has improved appearance of the building and has assisted in reducing maintenance costs.

Suitable for all stainless steel surfaces both commercial and residential, EnduroShield can be applied to both new and old surfaces, indoor and out.

The permanent protective coating uses advanced nanotechnology and is only two molecules thick. The invisible coating seals the surface causing contaminants to remain on top of the coating which makes them easy to remove and prevents corrosion.

EnduroShield is available from Origen Australia .