EnduroShield  offers a permanent invisible coating formulated for application on all glass surfaces to minimise cleaning effort.  

Suitable for glass pool fencing and glass balcony railings, EnduroShield invisible glass coating is available in DIY kits for various applications.  

EnduroShield invisible coating is now available in a 500ml DIY kit for use on glass pool fencing around swimming pools. Once applied, the coating reduces the time spent cleaning the pool fencing by up to 90%.   

Untreated glass is porous and absorbs contaminants resulting in deterioration, etching and discoloration, making the glass increasingly difficult to clean and maintain. Applied to the glass surface, EnduroShield functions as a shield by permanently bonding to the glass and sealing the surface. This ensures that contaminants stay on an easy-to-clean protective coating layer.

In addition to minimising the time required for cleaning the glass surfaces, EnduroShield permanent glass coatings also reduce the need for chemicals used for cleaning the fences, making the product very environment-friendly. The coated glass surfaces only require a mild detergent and a reduced quantity of water for cleaning.

EnduroShield invisible glass coating protects glass against corrosion from salt air, salt water, pool chlorine, mineral deposits, dirt and grime in addition to preventing the growth of harmful mould and bacteria resulting in a germ-free environment.  

EnduroShield protected glass surfaces can be cleaned using a microfibre cloth, water and a small amount of mild detergent.  

Suitable for new and existing glass, it can be used to protect glass pool fencing, glass balcony railings, boat windows, shower screens, windows, mirrors, glass splashbacks, automotive windshields and glass roofs among others.

EnduroShield DIY kits include the 125ml kit to coat two average-sized shower screens as well as the larger 500ml kit that can be used for pool fencing and larger glass surfaces. All DIY kits come with a three-year warranty.

Glass shower screens, glass windows or glass fencing are also offered with pre-applied EnduroShield coating. Professional EnduroShield trained applicators can come to the client’s premises to apply, restore and clean surfaces. The professional treatment of new glass comes complete with a 10-year warranty.