EnduroShield is an innovative range of permanent, non-stick invisible coatings for use on glass, tile, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces.  

Applied just once, the EnduroShield invisible coating cleans out grime, dirt and soap scum easily from various surfaces, reducing cleaning time by up to 90%. 

The application of EnduroShield invisible coating creates a shield that seals off the surface, ensuring contaminants stay on an easy-to-clean protective coating and can be cleaned away using a microfibre cloth, water and a mild detergent.  

EnduroShield protects the environment, eliminating the use of harsh toxic cleaning chemicals and greatly reducing water usage.

EnduroShield permanent protective coatings can be applied to both new and existing surfaces, protecting a diverse range of surfaces from shower screens, glass pool fencing, windows and mirrors to glass backsplashes, automotive windshields, boat windows, glass roofs and commercial facades and awnings.

EnduroShield invisible coating protects surfaces against staining and etching from mineral deposits and salt corrosion while also preventing the build-up of harmful mould and bacteria resulting in a germ-free environment.

EnduroShield DIY kits are now available in Bunnings Australia-wide, retail outlets and online. Available with a 3-year warranty, EnduroShield DIY kits come in two options: the 125ml kit will coat two shower screens while the 500ml kit can be used for pool fencing and larger surfaces.

Many companies are now offering glass shower screens, windows and glass fencing, pre-applied with EnduroShield. Professional EnduroShield trained applicators can also come to the home or office site to apply, restore and clean surfaces.