Providing protection that will repel both water and oil based stains, EnduroShield glass coatings are ultra-thin and transparent, completely adhering to glass surfaces.

Similar in composition to a non-stick fry pan, these glass coatings make cleaning easier with only water and a mild detergent, or a micro fibre mitt, removing the need for harsh toxic cleaners.

The protection also assists in preventing the build-up of mould and harmful bacteria.

EnduroShield can be used on all glass surfaces, such as:

  • shower screens
  • windows
  • balustrading
  • coloured glass splashbacks
  • mirrors
  • glass roofs
  • commercial buildings; and
  • car windscreens.
EnduroShield glass coatings have been extensively tested to ensure durability and longevity, passing 5000 wash cycles with minimal loss performance.

The coating is easy to apply to new or existing glass, is non-toxic and can be supplied in a convenient DIY kit with everything needed to treat up to eight square metres.

Alternatively, EnduroShield can be purchased as an optional extra on a new shower screen, pool fence, balustrade or windows direct from the manufacturer. Supplied pre-sprayed, the glass coatings are covered by a ten year warranty.