EMVAC  is an Australian owned company which offers flooring systems. EMVAC has about forty years of experience in providing industry resilient flooring systems. The products from EMVAC are environment friendly and in addition, on site, flexible services are also provided by EMVAC.

EMVAC is integrated with companies and factories in Japan, Taiwan, US and China. EMVAC supplies vinyl tiles for commercial and residential sectors. These tiles are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standards. EMVAC also exports its products to over forty countries around the world.

The main product from EMVAC is the Laytac floor system. This is a patented, removable flooring technology which also has a specially cushioned backing layer. This backing layer reduces the installation efforts; it also stays to the sub floor without the application of any adhesive. Since adhesives are not required for the installation of this flooring system, there are no glue residuals. Waiting time is also none for this product.

Laytac flooring system finds application in health care, medical, educational, hospitality, corporate, institutional, residential, multimedia, mercantile sectors to name a few.