EMVAC  offers vinyl tiles and flooring systems which find application in various industries. Laytac flooring system is also provided by EMVAC and this system is used in numerous sectors. In the healthcare industry, the products from EMVAC are used in waiting rooms, entrance halls, hall ways, cafeteria and in storage rooms. The products for this industry are slip resistant, water resistant, bacterial resistant. The flooring system also accommodates wheelchairs and offers acoustic insulation.

In the educational sector, EMVAC’s products are used for soothing and enveloping designs. The special needs considered for this sector include slip resistance, acoustic insulation, consideration for heavy traffic and safety since children are involved.

Mass retail sector is also benefited by the products from EMVAC. The products are used in departmental stores, shopping malls, home centers, super markets, mass chain stores and so on. Some of the considerations for the products in this sector include water resistance, wear resistance, acoustic insulation and volume driven pricing.

For the hospitality sector the products offered by EMVAC have features like slip resistance, water resistance, ease of maintenance and so on. The flooring systems in this sector offer comfort and warmth underfoot. Open and soothing designs are also available in these flooring systems.