Flooring systems which are easy to maintain are offered by EMVAC . Laytac contact flooring is based on an adhesive free technology. This flooring can be easily installed and the time, labour for the installation is reduced as this system is glue free.

Laytac flooring from EMVAC has no interlocking systems. The installation is a one step procedure and no wax, scuff or fumes are involved. An enhanced cushion layer is also present which provides additional smoothness to the flooring. Since Laytac flooring fits easily, it can be installed to existing floors easily.

Laytac flooring stays firmly to the floor and repairing, re installation is also possible with this system. This flooring from EMVAC tolerates minor imperfections on the ground surface and it can be recycled.

Various benefits are seen in the Laytac flooring system from EMVAC. This flooring does not require adhesives; it protects the floor against dust and mites. This system is also light weight, non fragile, damp resistant and is suitable for commercial use as well. Classical and modern designs are available in this flooring and insulation properties are also seen in this system.