Lightweight construction specialist Empower Construction recommends Hebel PowerFloor as a high performance alternative to concrete slabs in subflooring applications.

A perfect example of how lightweight materials can add value to residential homes, Hebel PowerFloor is a solid, non-loadbearing subflooring that is similar to concrete in look and feel but comes at a significantly lower cost.

Hebel PowerFloor delivers several benefits to the homeowner and is preferred over traditional flooring materials such as concrete for reasons such as reduced costs and faster construction (up to 50%); greater insulation benefits, requiring less heating and cooling; high fire resistance for peace of mind; superior acoustics with reduced footfall noise and sound transfer between floors; and an excellent base for ceramic tiles, carpet or polished timber boards.

Combining strength, thermal and acoustic insulation properties, Hebel PowerFloor is the ideal choice for first floors and suspended ground floors as well as decks and balconies.

Empower recommends PowerFloor to residential builders looking to try lightweight materials in construction. Empower’s Managing Director Ryan Steyn observes that once builders experience the speed of installation and costs savings of Hebel PowerFloor, plus all the benefits they can on-sell to their clients, it opens their eyes to the possibilities of lightweight construction.

As a lightweight construction specialist, Empower provides impartial advice and customised solutions to clients to help them save time and money. Their services encompass wall systems, flooring, fencing and coating, with the advice on the right materials tailored to each project’s specific requirements.