A double storey house in Castlecrag, NSW is attracting attention for its use of the AAC Hebel wall system. Though similar to brick in appearance, the AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete) system is a lightweight material that delivers multiple benefits during and after construction.

Empower Construction supplied and installed the CSR Hebel Power Panel external wall system at the Castlecrag home five years ago. Considered more suited to industrial construction, AAC Hebel was still relatively unknown in the residential segment.

Ryan Steyn, Managing Director of Empower Construction explains most people don’t realise that the advantages of lightweight construction materials go beyond merely looking similar in appearance to traditional materials.

Some of the advantages of the CSR Hebel external wall system include brick-like strength and durability; more cost effective than traditional materials, requiring fewer people on site; exceptional insulation properties that reduce energy usage in summer and winter; fire resistance and compliance with all Bushfire Attack Level requirements; high performance acoustics and many environmental advantages; and faster construction time.

The CSR Hebel external wall system is increasingly being accepted in the residential market by architects and builders and is now widely used in homes, apartments and townhouses.

Damien Brown, Team Leader on the Castlecrag home, commented he loved working with the Hebel external wall system for its versatility in providing a great finish, easy handling, and quick and clean installation. In addition to offering excellent aesthetics, the AAC system allowed them to complete the construction in a fraction of the time compared with traditional methods.