The booming construction industry offers tremendous scope for employment and career growth. Being the nation’s third largest employer, the building and construction industry offers many opportunities to both skilled and unskilled labourers. Now is the right moment to consider career opportunities that will provide greater scope to expand both knowledge and skill.

Lightweight construction is an important segment within the building and construction industry. Ryan Steyn from lightweight construction specialist Empower Construction says the lightweight sector particularly offers substantial opportunity for qualified builders to expand their skills and knowledge, corresponding to the evolving developments in both materials and applications. Being a lightweight construction specialist also broadens one’s scope within the construction industry.

7 benefits of moving into the world of lightweight construction

1. Being lightweight, the material is so much easier to lift and work with than traditional materials.

2. Construction time is quicker, allowing the contractor to move onto the next project sooner.

3. It’s cleaner to work with than traditional materials, minimising the clean-up efforts afterwards.

4. Growing industry preference for lightweight construction materials and methods.

5. Environmentally sound materials and production methods.

6. Evolving segment with new products and new ways to work with them entering the market.

7. Lightweight construction industry is set to boom for these reasons plus fire retardant properties, better installation and cost effectiveness.