Emac & Lawton  offers a variety of wall plaques that can add beauty to the walls. The product range includes acanthus plaque of 130mm x 230mm size, fruit plaque with ribbon of size 540mm x 135mm, acanthus plaque of 190mm x 54mm size, shadow box with guan-yin of size 314 x 262 x 50, shadow box with Buddha head of size 291 x 291 x 50, shadow box with three enlightened figures, leafy three-votive wall sconce, wheat two-vitive wall sconce, Indian style lintel of size 500mm x 1610mm, plaque with griffin and cornucopia of size 1170mm x 780mm, large nautilus shell wall décor with silver finish and electra wall décor of 570mm x 1630mm.

The different varieties of mirrors offered by Emac & Lawton include duchess mirror, square mirror with floral cut design, large rectangular mirror in embossed design and garland design mirror. Statues belonging to dynasty collections and inspirations include Chinese Confucius figure, standing Buddha, Burmese Buddha mounted in rust finish, Cambodian style head Buddha on mounted base, Thai style carving of 580mm x 350mm size, guardian angles of height 450mm, large standing Bodhisattva statue and Burmese Buddha in green bronze finish.