The different varieties of products offered by Elumatec Australia include saws, milling machines, corner crimpers, profile machining centres, length stop systems, measuring systems and assembly equipment. The milling machines include end milling machines, single spindle copy routers, multi spindle copy routers and template free copy routers.

AF 221, AF 222 and AF 223 are the different models of milling machines offered by Elumatec Australia. Adjustable fence is swiveled from left to right for easy tool exchange of milling transoms and sockets of AF 221 model. In end milling machine AF 222, work table can be adjusted using handwheel for easy tool exchange. The adjustable fence in end milling machine can be swiveled from left to right by using recessed notching cuts. AF 223 uses automatic machining cycle adjustable fence that can be swivelled from right to left up to 60 degrees.

Single spindle copy router AS 70 model from Elumatec Australia can be delivered as bench model and precise routing can be carried down with minimum effort. Single spindle copy router AS 170 provides maximum routing capacity in spite of compact construction.