Eltrak International & Staff , Flagship Company of Vater Corporation manufactures and distributes new sliding door products. The company was initially formed as a rural engineering and industrial construction company and later diversified into sliding door systems, fencing fittings and gate fittings.

Eltrak International & Staff was acting as a distributor which led to expensive after sales service maintenance and warranty. This made the company to undertake the design and manufacture a range of high quality and reliable sliding door systems, fence fittings and gate fittings. Continued commitment to product development and innovation has made Eltrak International & Staff to receive many awards and distinctions.

Currently Eltrak International & Staff operates in diverse industries such as fin fish hatcheries, property development, aquaculture, plant nurseries, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and landscaping. The company has more than 30 years of dedicated design development and experience which made it to provide premium quality products.

Bottom sliding door, tamper resistant decorative fence security, gate hardware, bottom rollers, tracks for gates and doors, security rail fixing brackets, sliding door lock kits and bolt on single support brackets are the new products introduced by Eltrak International & Staff.